Friday, July 11, 2014

A Sundance Date

 A few weeks ago Jeff and I sent Calvin with my parents for the night and had ourselves a fancy little  date. We ate dinner at the Tree Room at Sundance and attended the Utah Symphony's patriotic concert at the amphitheater.

I felt like I hadn't gotten all gussied up for a date in a while and boy was it refreshing to carry only a small clutch, wear my favorite bracelets without fear of having them ripped off by tiny hands, and only have to worry about myself spilling on my white shirt.

However, we did spend the entire intermission looking at photos and videos of our baby because we are kind of really obsessed. He, meanwhile, spent his night looking at farm animals, going on four-wheeler rides, and staying up until 11 pm eating popcorn. Win, win for all involved.

Any night spent in Utah mountains during the summer is magical to me, and gosh I'm lucky to have Jeff. July 9th is the day we got engaged seven years ago. Time has flown by, but I still remember that night on a beach in Miami like yesterday. What we both wore, what we talked about, what we ordered at dinner, and how I said nothing for five whole minutes when he proposed. (I really didn't see it coming!)

So far no seven-year itch Jeff. You're still the best decision I made.

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