Friday, December 6, 2013

The great Christmas tree hunt 2013

 This bison was not involved in the hunt, but it's a really cool picture my dad took somewhere.

Back to the story. This year's hunt was one of our best. We discovered a new place, with a much smoother road, good views, and a Costa Vida near by :) Last year's drive made my pregnant body nearly lose bladder control the whole way, so this year was a dream.

Plus it was Calvin's first time. He loved the pack, even in the snow, until he fell asleep about 15 minutes in.

 Cheeks and peace for this baby girl.

 Morgan is the best aunt and those boys adore her.

 Jeff bringing home the prize. He does not settle and this year's tree is as good as ever.
 Helping to bring my parent's tree to the trucks. The men hiked clear to the top of that mountain, which didn't look too bad until they had to bring back huge trees.

I love my family so much. And next year....Collin will be with us! Wahoo!

The rest of our Thanksgiving weekend was amazing too, though I didn't take any pictures. We enjoyed the most amazing dinner at Jeff's parent's home on the big day and I'm pretty sure I ate more than I ever have. It was disgusting really and I'm still trying to move past it. But I don't regret it!

We also put up our tree and Christmas decorations, watched the annual Auburn/Alabama game and couldn't believe our eyes when Auburn pulled it off, did a little hiking, and a lot of relaxing.

War eagle people. War eagle.

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